Tuesday, October 13, 2015

Sexual Assault Can Cause Injury To Children In California

Assault victim's lawyer in Los Angeles explains your rights
Sexual abuse and assault can cause serious physical and emotional injuries to victims of any age. Children can especially suffer serious effects from such assault and can require extensive medical care and ongoing psychological care for years after the incident. This type of treatment can not only take a serious toll on a child's life but can also cost a substantial amount of money, even with quality insurance. Anyone who has a child who was the victim of sexual abuse or assault has the right to recover on their child's behalf from the responsible person and should discuss their situation with a victim's lawyer in California immediately.

Recent story reminds parents that assault can happen anywhere
Police in Orange County recently discovered1 that a pediatric dental assistant had allegedly sexually assaulted at least two young dental patients in the previous two years. After one patient informed her parents of the incident, law enforcement officers are searching for additional possible victims that have visited the dental office.

Business and property owners can be held liable for sexual assaults
Owners of businesses and properties have the legal duty to protect against harm to patrons and other visitors on the premises. This goes beyond simply making sure the premises are physically safe but also to ensure that they are safe from assaults.

Businesses can first protect against violent or sexual assaults by taking all reasonable measures to ensure they hire individuals that are safe to be around patrons. This can include conducting background checks to avoid putting clients around employees who have a prior criminal history, especially prior convictions or investigations of sexual assault. Employers should not hire sex offenders or other convicted offenders, specifically if the employees will be working with or around children. If a business owner negligently2 hires a potentially dangerous person, they can be held liable for any losses that result from assaults.

Even if a business owner had no knowledge of the potential for an employee to cause risk, a child who suffered sexual assault and their family have the right to recover for their losses. Anyone in this situation should call a California sex abuse and assault victim's lawyer as soon as possible.

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