Monday, October 5, 2015

California High Schools to Teach "Yes Means Yes" Sex Education Policy

California high schools that are currently requiring health education as a graduation requirement are now being required to teach "yes means yes" sexual education.  This is the standard that has been adopted by most California public universities and colleges.  It requires the knowing and voluntary consent at all stages of both partners to engage in sex.  California Governor, Jerry Brown, signed legislation adopting this into high school curriculum this past week.

"California must continue to lead the nation in educating our young people — both women and men — about the importance of respect and maintaining healthy peer and dating relationships," Assemblyman Rocky Ch├ívez, R-Oceanside
The bill (AB 329) also requires that sexual education be taught a minimum of 2 times between grades 7 and 12 in all public schools.  Currently, schools are not required to provide such education but, most schools do so.  It further requires additional education on HIV prevention and teen abusive relationships and sex trafficking.  Parents will still be allowed to excuse their children from some or all of the classes.