Thursday, September 3, 2015

More Money For Miramonte School Sex Abuse Victims

The Los Angeles Times reports that Los Angeles Unified School District (LAUSD) has approved additional settlement funds in the sexual abuse litigation arising from Miramonte Elementary School. There were over 50 children who claim that they were sexually abused by former teachers, Mark Berndt and/or Martin Springer.  The claims sparked litigation that has been ongoing for several years. The so-called "first wave" of claims were settled for a total aggregate sum of $4.5 Million (approximately $470,000 to each alleged victim).  Later claims were resolved at a much higher amount (approximately $1.7 Million per victim).  The plaintiffs who agreed to the earlier settlement petitioned to the court to be further compensated commensurate with the later settlement.

Counsel for the District made the following statement related to this latest settlement:

“The well-being of the district’s students is a high priority for us,” said L.A. Unified general counsel, David R. Holmquist. “We are pleased to have reached a resolution ... that is sensitive to the welfare of the students and resolves their claims responsibly.”