Tuesday, September 8, 2015

Lawsuit Claims Girl Sexually Assaulted on American Airlines Flight

A girl who claims that she was sexually assaulted by a fellow passenger on an American Airlines flight from New York to Iowa has filed suit, through her parents.  The girl was traveling alone (i.e. an "unaccompanied minor") on the airline when the alleged incident took place.  The alleged perpetrator. Muhammed Asif Chauhdry, was arrested following the flight and is facing criminal charges for lewd conduct with a minor.  Both he and American Airlines are named as defendants in the lawsuit.  It is alleged that the airliner was negligent in failing to supervise the minor passenger and prevent this incident from occurring.  It is alleged that but for, the lack of oversight on the part of airline personnel such as flight attendants, the incident would not have taken place.

This lawsuit and facts alleged show that minors are vulnerable to sexual predators in many different environments including air travel.  Airlines, under the laws of most states, are considered "common carriers" and have a heightened duty to protect the safety and security of their passengers.  Click on the highlighted link for further information on California law on passenger safety when traveling by way of a bus, train, plane or other type of carrier.