Wednesday, July 8, 2015

Sex Assault by Paso Robles Teacher May Not Be First

According to a civil lawsuit filed in San Luis Obispo Superior Court alleges that a student was sexually assaulted by a teacher at Paso Robles High School and that the school district knew or should have known about his past, which included a prior sexual assault when the teacher was in Modesto.  The alleged perpetrator, agriculture instructor, Jeremy Monn, is facing criminal charges for allegations of sex with minors in both Modesto and Paso Robles.

According to various local newspaper reports, the Paso Robles School District claims to be unaware of the prior allegations that Monn was accused of improper conduct with female students while teaching in Modesto.  The allegation is that his prior school district "lied" to "quietly get rid of" a problem teacher.

Under California state law, it is mandatory for any public school who has been put on notice of potential sexually inappropriate behavior on the part of a teacher to promptly report and investigate such allegations.  If it can be proven that Paso Robles School District failed to conduct proper due diligence into the background of Mr. Monn, they could be held civilly liable for negligent hiring.  There may be "statute of limitations" (legal time deadlines) for the prior alleged incident in Modesto, however, if it can be shown that there was a "cover up," this may subject the prior school district and their officials to both civil liability and potentially, "punitive" damages (additional civil money damages for overt or covert misrepresentations of fact).

As an attorney that represents victims of sexual assault in California schools, I will continue to monitor developments in this story.   Unfortunately, as with multiple sex offense cases, more victims may have fallen prey to this alleged sexual predator.  Any other victims should come forward and seek justice!