Monday, June 22, 2015

Pro Hockey Player Sued for Sexual Assault

Pro hockey player, Mike Ribeiros, has been sued for sexual assault by his former nanny according to recent reports in the local media in Nashville, where he plays for the predators.  (see story here).   According to the civil lawsuit, the former nanny was subjected to unwanted sexual advances while employed by Ribeiros and his wife.  Ribeiros has denied the accusations and he and his wife have stated an intent to defend the lawsuit in court.

In light of recent incidents involving alleged domestic and sexual violence among pro athletes in various sports, the team management is under some scrutiny due to having recently given Ribeiros a $1.5 Million contract.  The team officials have stated that they knew about the lawsuit and did their "due diligence" prior to bringing the center over from the Dallas Stars.

Every year it seems numerous pro athletes are subject to both criminal and civil litigation due to allegations of sexual misconduct.  As with any case, the evidence will need to come to light through the civil discovery process to determine the facts and whether these allegations are substantiated. This will likely include written demands for information between the parties and depositions (live questioning under oath) of both the accuser and accused.