Friday, January 29, 2016

Crackdown on Sex Slavery in Los Angeles

The Los Angeles Police Department and the Los Angeles County Sheriff’s Department came together from January 18 to January 23 to enforce Operation Reclaim and Rebuild. The two law enforcement agencies conducted rescue operations of children in the area, and it resulted in 198 arrests across the county. 

The officers performed their important work by participating in field operations in which they were able to search for victims and rescue them. They also worked to raise the public’s awareness of this problem as they arrested individuals who were engaged in the exploitation of minors. Specifically, they arrested six pimps and rescued 12 minors. 

Six adults were rescued along with the children, and the authorities pointed them in the direction of places where they could receive victim’s services. The Department of Children and Family Services took custody of the children, and they will receive help from them and other agencies. All in all, 18 people were rescued because of Operation Reclaim and Rebuild and are able to resume their lives. 

The LAPD issued a statement expressing their satisfaction with how well Operation Reclaim and Rebuild turned out. They stated that the community now knows that those who engage in human trafficking will be brought to justice. 

Human Trafficking in Los Angeles

Human trafficking is a very prevalent problem in Los Angeles. The city is near Mexico, and this makes Los Angeles a natural destination for human traffickers. Young adults and children meet traffickers in their home towns, and these people promise to take the kids to the United States where they will be able to find good jobs. A very different story begins to unfold after they arrive here. 

Once they are in the United States, they are forced to become prostitutes, strippers and perform in live sex shows. Some are coerced into acting in pornographic films. These people have difficulties getting themselves out of this situation because they do not know the language and are in the country illegally. They are also indebted to the people who brought them here, so they are forced to continue to work as sex slaves. The fact that they are isolated ensures that they remain in their current situations. 

Obtaining the Assistance of Legal Counsel If You Are A Victim of Sex Slavery 

Once sex slaves are rescued, they have the opportunity to sue those who exploited them and recover damages in civil court.  A former sex slave who prevails in court may receive several damages. General damages are those awarded for pain and suffering. They can also receive special damages. Special damages are meant to pay for rape counseling and psychiatric services and treatment. They may also receive punitive damages that are meant to punish the perpetrator. They ensure that the defendant never decides to perform the same actions again.

It’s also possible that the court will award equitable damages in these cases. For example, the court could award a restraining order against the defendant so that he or she will be prohibited from seeking contact with the plaintiff in the future.