Friday, December 11, 2015

What If I Got An STD From a Sexual Assault?

What happens if I get an STD from sexual assault?
There are many physical and emotional injuries that can arise from a sexual assault, including depression, infertility, post-traumatic stress disorder, anxiety, and more. Not only do California laws hold sexual assailants criminally responsible for their actions, but the law also allows a victim to file a legal claim for personal injury to hold their assailants civilly and financially liable for the harm they caused.

One unfortunately common result from a sexual assault is the contraction of a sexually transmitted disease (STD). Researchers have had a difficult time quantifying the rate of STD contraction1 in sexual assault survivors, however, victims may contract the following:

·         Herpes simplex
·         Syphilis
·         Gonorrhea
·         Chlamydia
·         Hepatitis B
·         Human immunodeficiency virus (HIV)

All of these conditions not only require serious medical attention and treatment but can also cause difficulties in a victim's life. They may have to disclose to future potential sexual partners that they have an STD and may suffer emotional distress as a result of their disease.

Do not delay pursuing a claim
Experiencing a sexual assault, serving as a witness in the resulting criminal case, and seeking treatment for physical injuries, emotional issues, and STDs stemming from the attack can all be overwhelming. It is understandable that a sexual assault victim may be reluctant to add another potential stressor to their plate. However, it is important to discuss your legal rights with a lawyer as soon as you are able. California's statute of limitations2 only provides an individual with two years from the date of the injury during which to file a personal injury claim and, if you miss that deadline, you may likely lose your right to recover for your losses.

The good news is that an experienced CA sex abuse and assault victims attorney can guide you through every step of the legal process so that you can obtain compensation in the most efficient and least stressful way possible. These cases take time to prepare, though, so you should not delay in contacting a California sexual assault injury lawyer for help.

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