Friday, August 7, 2015

University of Oregon Settles Rape Lawsuit

A lawsuit by a female student at the University of Oregon alleging that she was raped by three members of the basketball team and that one of those persons was allowed into the university despite a prior history of sexual misconduct has been settled.  The terms of settlement were disclosed as follows: $800,000 - lump sum payment to the plaintiff plus full tuition until completion of her degree. The settlement has also prompted a promised change in how university officials assess potential transfer students.

University president, Michael Schill, made the following statement regarding the settlement:
"Our university has been involved in litigation that has fueled mistrust and divided our community."
"In approving this settlement, it is my hope that we focus our attention and considerable expertise on making our campus one on which all students will feel secure in the knowledge that they will be free from sexual violence."
As with many Universities, Oregon has stated that it is in the process of evaluation and improvement of their policies and procedures to reduce sexual assault and other sex misconduct among students on their campus.  Under Title IX and other federal laws and mandates all public universities and colleges are required to have such policies in place.