Tuesday, May 26, 2015

Sexual Hazing Lawsuit Filed Against University

As reported by "NJ.Com" (see story here), a student and college softball player at St. Joseph's University in Philadelphia has filed a lawsuit alleging sexual hazing rituals as a condition for being on the team. The lawsuit alleges that the student was forced to engage in conduct including sexually explicit dancing in front of other students as a condition for being on the team.  When her allegations of these rituals were revealed, the plaintiff alleges that she was threatened by other team members that they would, "rip her head off and shove a softball down her throat." She alleges that this type of hazing and being pressured off the team drove her to suicidal thoughts.

Unfortunately, hazing on college campuses in organizations like sports teams, fraternities and sororities has been banned by the colleges themselves and many of the various organizations but, it still takes place.  In California, hazing is both a crime and conduct that may subject the assailants and the organizations who explicitly or implicitly condone such conduct to civil lawsuits for money damages.

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