Monday, April 21, 2014

Los Angeles Man Accuses Multiple Entertainment Industry Execs of An Underage Sex Abuse Ring

Reuters News Service reports that a Los Angeles man (Michael Egan) has filed complaints against multiple movie studio and television executives in U.S. District Court in Hawaii, the site of the alleged sexual abuse. The plaintiff claims that there was a series of incidents involving sex acts including anal and oral sex between him and these execs while he was a minor.  Specifically, the plaintiff is alleging that there was a sex ring that was orchestrated by former entertainment executive and registered sex offender Marc Collins-Rector.  Sex acts were allegedly requested of aspiring teen actors looking for roles in commercials, television and movies. The alleged perpetrators include filmmaker Bryan Singer, director the the upcoming X-Men film: "X-Men: Days of The Future Past."  Mr. Singer has retained counsel (Marty Singer) and has denied the allegations.  The other defendants have not commented upon the claims as of yet.