Thursday, January 24, 2013

Yet Another LAUSD Teacher Accused of Sexual Abuse of Children

Yet another Los Angeles Unified School District teacher, Robert Pimentel, a former elementary instructor at the George De La Torre Elementary School in Wilmington, CA, has been arrested and accused of lewd conduct with 19 students over a period of years.  This follows on the heels of several recent, similar incidents the most notorious being the Mira Monte school incidents.

The standard for a criminal prosecution of Mr. Pimentel will be "beyond a reasonable doubt" that he committed the crimes for which he is accused.  However, this will likely also result in civil actions being filed on behalf of the various students allegedly victimized.  In a civil court proceeding for money damages, the standard would be only whether it is "more likely than not" that Mr. Pimentel abused the students and "more likely than not" that LAUSD knew or should have known that this may occur.  The second prong of proving notice by the school district will be the more difficult element to prove.