Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Types of Facilities in California Where Sexual Assaults, Abuse and Neglect Can Take Place

As a California sexual assault and abuse victims attorney and lawyer, I see sexual assault, abuse and other neglect of mental health patients in the following types of facilities:

State Hospital 
Acute Psychiatric Hospital 
Psychiatric Unit of a General Acute Care Hospital 
Skilled Nursing Facility/IMD 
Licensed Group Home 
Adult Residential Facility 
Social Rehabilitation Facility 
Licensed Family Home 
Adult Day Care Facility 
Psychiatric Health Facility 
Mental Health Rehabilitation Center 
Community Treatment Facility 
23-Hour Treatment Facility 

Despite California statutes and regulations which protect dependent and elder adults and children who have been patients in these types of facilities, the abuse and neglect continues due to lack of proper screening in hiring nurses, doctors and facility staff, lack of adequate training and/or lack of proper supervision of these employees in these facilities.  This allows for an environment that fosters the abuse or neglect.

If you or someone you know has been the victim of sexual or physical abuse in one of these types of facilities in California, call the California sexual assault, abuse and neglect attorney hotline statewide toll free: 866-229-0101.